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Aquatainer is an innovative compact system with complete physical treatment, liquid and solid separation process with final polishing filtration and auto backwashing system which is able to be installed under a permanent structure. Basically, Aquatainer is able to produce quality water from 5 m3/hr to 20 m3/hr in a 20 and 40 footer containers or installed in a permanent structure

Main Advantages:

  • Designed to provide excellent filtered water quality.
  • Efficient and time –saving process with the auto backwash system and desludging system.
  • Workshop fabricated and delivered in skid mounted or steel container, which is convenient for delivery with minimal on-site assembly and installation works.
  • Potable water can be produced from river or lake water within 60 minutes of setup.
  • Unit can be mounted and setup on the back of a utility vehicle for transport to various sites and allows the user to start producing drinking water immediately.