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G-Techfier & G-Techfilter

G-TECHFIER, an in-house compact system with complete flocculation compartment, inclined plate and auto-desludging system all built in a single tank.

G-TECHFIER employs gravity sedimentation process with additional inclined plate to increase the surface loading rate up to 1 m/hr. The unit has a built in flocculation zone which enhances floc formation during the entry of raw water into the system. The clarified water from the clarifier is able to achieve excellent water quality before it is passes the final sand polishing unit. Whereby G- TECHFILTER, the filtration process is to “strain” out the fine suspended particles with the sand filter media.

G-TECHFIER is designed to used improve gravity settling method for the liquid and solids separation process via incline plate. The projection area of the inclined plate will able to reduce the foot print up to 90%, hence each square meter is able to provide 10m2 of settling area.

G-TECHFILTER, an innovative compact system with complete filtration and auto backwashing system all built in a single circular tank.

G-TECHFILTER employs gravity sand filtration in a self-contained water treatment module that achieves excellent filtered water quality. The filtration process is to “strain” out the fine suspended particles using sand as a filter media.

G-TECHFILTER is installed in pairs which mean two units side-by-side, whereby when one unit is in backwash mode, the other unit will be able to operate as normal without any overloading.

Thus, G-TECHFILTER is a gravity high rate sand filter with efficient auto backwashing system.

Main Advantages:

  • Produces excellent clarified and filtered water quality with built in flocculation zone.
  • G-TECHFIER has proven to increase the surface loading rate using stainless steel inclined plate.
  • It occupies only 10-15% of the space required by conventional settling tank.
  • Able to auto-desludge using timer or PLC.
  • Ease of operation and low operating cost as it is gravitationally fed with no moving parts.
  • Low cost and easy installation as it is pre-fabricated in workshop before delivered.
  • Almost zero maintenance as there is no moving parts in the system.
  • G-TECHFILTER has been a proven method of final polishing for fine suspended solids in a variety of application such as portable water and tertiary treatment.
  • Efficient and time-saving process with the auto-backwash system.
  • Does not require any external tanks for clean water or backwash water storage whereby the water for backwash is provided internally( using second unit ) .
  • Requires single sludge outlet for backwash sludge to remove.
  • Low maintenance as it is constructed with durable materials which internal & external will be coated 2 to 3 layer of primer and finishing paint.