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Next Generation Ultrafiltration (NexUF)

The latest ultrafiltration technology from the German company Inge GmbH is specially designed to meet modern drinking water treatment requirements. Ultrafiltration (UF)  is a leading edge water filtration technology which utilizes nanoscale membrane to retain smallest particles and microorganisms such as bacteria and even viruses. Regardless of the feed water type or its level of contamination, the filtrate produced by UF always provides consistent levels of highest quality and purity. These properties make UF the perfect choice for producing drinking water, upgrading wastewater for recycling purposes, supplying engineered water for industrial processes and pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (RO) applications like sea water desalination.

UF Technology is usually sold and applied in the form of modules, several of which are organized in a rack. inge’s proprietary T-Rack bundles the water streams, minimizes the UF system footprint and provides a seamless interface to the water plants central infrastructure. As UF is usually combined with other water treatment steps up and downstream, any interruption might affect the whole WTP. However, as long as the membrane integrityis not compromised, the UF system will yield optimum results. Therefore inge emphasizes the mechanical strength of the Multibore membrane as critical to ensure long service life and high filtrate availability.


  • Guarantee to remove of bacteria, viruses and all types of suspended solids.
  • No addition of chemicals.
  • The quality of the treated water remains the same regardless of the degree of contamination of the original water.
  • Simple and easy to operate and manage.
  • Smaller footprint required.


  • Purification of surface water and groundwater to make drinking water.
  • Water for industrial use to close water cycles.
  • Treatment of wastewater.

Ultrafiltration systems are designed for fully automatic operation. A control mechanism is used to control the various operating modes of the ultrafiltration process: filtration, cleaning and backwashing.