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Next Generation Ultrafiltration (NexUF)

The latest ultrafiltration technology from the German company Inge GmbH is specially designed to meet modern drinking water treatment requirements.

In comparison to conventional water treatment process, the advantage of ultrafiltration as a filter technology is its outstanding ability to remove virus and bacteria from water.


  • Guarantee to remove of bacteria, viruses and all types of suspended solids.
  • No addition of chemicals.
  • The quality of the treated water remains the same regardless of the degree of contamination of the original water.
  • Simple and easy to operate and manage.
  • Smaller footprint required.


  • Purification of surface water and groundwater to make drinking water.
  • Water for industrial use to close water cycles.
  • Treatment of wastewater.

Ultrafiltration systems are designed for fully automatic operation. A control mechanism is used to control the various operating modes of the ultrafiltration process: filtration, cleaning and backwashing.