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Brief Introduction

TECHKEM has a complete range of water chemical products for boiler system, cooling tower system, wastewater treatment system and potable water system as well as chemical feed and control equipment. With MS ISO 9001:2015 certification, our products are widely recognized and quality guarantee with cost-effective water management for today’s environmental concern.

Specialty Chemical

Natural Organic Coagulant (NOC)

Natural Organic Coagulant (NOC) is a metal-free vegetable organic coagulant / flocculant , with special characteristics to chelates metals, reducing alum salts in the treated water

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Produce bigger size floc
  • Less chemical handling
  • Results in low turbidity

An innovative coagulant technology

  • Prepolymerised aluminium – chloride based coagulant
  • Inorganic polymer with its molecular weight being several hundred
  • Carries high positive charges
  • Available in solution form with concentration ranges from 8-23%
Hyperfloc (Flocculation Aid)

TECHKEM provides full range of hyperfloc flocculant, from cationic, anionic and non-ionic, low to high molecular weight of polymers for water, wastewater and sewage treatment applications.

Boiler Water Treatment Program

TECHKEM as one of the leading water treatment specialist offers innovative water treatment program for the industries boiler and cooling tower water treatment such as Power Plant, Palm Oil Mill, Refinery, Pulp & Paper, Hospital and other industries. Products are inclusive of scale and corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger, dispersant, online cleaning program, solubilizing program, oxidizing & non-oxidizing biocides, coagulant & flocculant.

Cooling Water Treatment Program

TECHKEM has a team of skilled engineers and chemist who are specialised to undertake your cooling tower water treatment program. Our engineers are trained to analyse the condition and treatment problem encounter in cooling water treatment and propose proper monitoring system.