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Renewable Energy

Power outage problem is a common occurrence in a rural area. It is expected that electricity power will be inadequate for water treatment plant and also residential areas. Hence, a power plant is one of the solutions to generate the required electricity.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Solar Power Plant

Solar Thermal Microgrid Power 

Solar Thermal Microgrid Power is an innovative renewable technology which provided electricity in a green environment. Its concept is to produce 24-hour constant electricity supply from sunlight.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology uses mirrors or lenses to concentrate solar radiation onto tube through which a thermal working fluid is pumped. The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology converts heat into electricity and its most direct application is in power plants.

Solar Thermal Microgrid Power, the innovative combination of CSP and ORC technologies, is the most efficient and reliable way to produce clean electricity from low temperature heat sources without the use of fossil fuels. Its main application is distribution of electricity generation from renewable heat source.


                   Solar Thermal Microgrid Power